About Matt

I am a born and bred Sutherland Shire person who has spent my entire life growing up, working and raising my family in the area. Previously, I spent 25 years in the NSW Police force, mainly working in the Sutherland and St George areas.

A few years ago, I took time off the police to focus on my family, however I had a real underlying passion for the real estate industry. Then an opportunity arose with Matt Callaghan Property; I have known Matt personally for a number of years and truly believe in his very strong values and work ethics. So, I reached out to Matt for an opportunity to work in the Real Estate Industry within his Property Management team.

Having a couple of investment properties, myself I knew that I had the skills, experience and drive to perform such a role and become part of the team. Matt Callaghan saw these attributes in me and offered me a role, which obviously I gladly accepted.

I know that reputation is everything when it comes to the real estate industry,  but my promise to you is that I will work hard to look after your investment and give it the time and energy that you would expect me to.

I want you to be part of the customer experience when it comes to managing your investments, therefore I have very high customer service standards of myself. I know what I expect out of my property managers hence, I know what to deliver in terms of customer satisfaction.

So, with that said give me an opportunity to work for you and allow me the privilege to look after your hard-earned investment like they are my very own.

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